Ellen Dieter Returns to the Swift

Ellen Dieter Returns to the Swift
The Bay Park Paintings give a beautiful taste of home

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jeans for Justice closes with a Silent Auction Thursday May 26th

One last chance to support a good cause, and walk away looking good.  Jeans for Justice jeans are one of a kind unique art pieces on denim, that straddle the line of fashion and artwork. Attend the closing evening Jeans for Justice Exhibition and show and bid on an existing pair of jeans, or order a coteur pair by one of the Jeans for Justice artists at this fun evening event.

Beautiful enough to hang, to cool not to wear.
Where does the "Justice" part come in? The work they do at Jeans for Justice centers upon education of young people about exploitation, date-rape, rape by intoxication and molestation. Through workshops, outreach and public events, Jeans for Justice makes women leaders in their own protection from sexual predators.Check the previous blog post, or their website  for more info on the history of this organization.
Styles from mild...
In spite of their serious cause, this J4J event will focus on fashion, fun and expression. Contact Jess Johnson for details!

...to wild.
The Jeans for Justice exhibition at the Martha Pace Swift Gallery is co-sponsored by the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego. See the exhibit through the 26th...

Come see them all in person.

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