Ellen Dieter Returns to the Swift

Ellen Dieter Returns to the Swift
The Bay Park Paintings give a beautiful taste of home

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Artist Warner K. Varno Soars in Her New Show, "Bright Wings"

On Friday, August 3rd, the Swift Gallery premieres an engaging new body of work by full-time artist and part-time San Diegan Warner K. Varno. The opening of Varno’s “Bright Wings” show coincides with the monthly Gallery Crawl at Liberty Station.

Varno in her studio.
The images that make up the Bright Wings show come from three separate series. They all share a strong representational component, a brilliant palate, and thematic links that are figuratively or literally uplifting.

Each canvas is a rebus of unlikely juxtapositions. Birds join bones and blooms, vegetation and Victorian wallpapers, not as still life, but more like tapestry. Varno’s canvases vibrate with entrances and exits, and half-hidden objects.  Although the color palate ranges widely, the works share an inherent luminosity, and a depth borne of finely layered transparency. Varno’s brushwork is as meticulous, crisp and unforgiving as a medical illustrator. Yet the precision of the images does not lead to obvious interpretation. In the dense canvases a true sense of nuance and mystery emerges.  
The Falcon House 2 x 4' x 5' Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 
Varno writes:  “I am interested in grappling with our delicate humanity.  The process of creating these paintings is an acknowledgment of these life cycles and it is in the spirit of renewal that I find the source material for the artwork I create.”

Warner K. Varno is an artist in transition, settling into a part time residential relationship with local artist and legend James Watts, and looking for new living space that somehow bridges the gap between Colorado and here. Her more recent works have engaged that search for home palpably. The emergent imagery of the nest and the house have come strongly into her recent work, which is hardlysurprising as Varno also approaches motherhood, with the expected birth of her first child in October.
Please join us on August 3rd as we open Bright Wings. -Wes

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